675 45 Šebkovice 167

Veli s.r.o. company has been producing knittwear since 1991. The original sock production was performed on double cylinder sock machines DERA. Starting in 2003, they were - step by step- replaced with ANGE 15 and 19 socks knitting machines.
The crucial point in the company development was the year 2013, in which the company was relocated into new production halls in No 167, Šebkovice and began with investments into new production facilities.
Nowadays, the production is performed on Italian knitting machines BUSI GIOVANNI, recognized as ones of the most technically innovative knitting machines in the world. Equipped also with machines by TECNOPEA for ironing, AUTOTEX for card-rider application, SIMET for twisting, PRIMUS for laundry, ROSSO for sewing and other technical facilities, VELI s.r.o. company appears to be one of the most advanced socks producers in Europe and worldwide.